Regina Hatcher-Crawford
President, NAACP Ventura County Chapter
It takes each of us to make a difference.  For if we choose to believe we can, then we will.  Changing the world with our words, our thoughts, and our actions.
~ Regina K.Hatcher-Crawford
Regina K. Hatcher-Crawford is the President, of Ventura County Chapter, NAACP.  She is a grassroots civil rights grassroots servant leader and activist, joining the Association at a very young age, she is a life member, currently serving in the Association for over forty years.  
Since joining the NAACP, she has dedicated herself personally and professionally to youth leadership and development, political and social advocacy, and the pursuit of civil rights and social justice advocacy.  Hatcher-Crawford a third – generation leader, comes from a long line of freedom fighters, continuance of the family legacy of four generations of civil rights activism, her daughter is the emerita Youth & College President.
Hatcher-Crawford following under the leadership of former president NAACP Ventura County Chapter President and Southern Area President, her mentor, and father Mr. John R. Hatcher III, credits her activism and ideology to her father and mother Jo Anne.  Her parents instilling the Chinese proverbs “if you give a man fish he eats for the day if you teach a man to fish he will eat a lifetime”. Hatcher -Crawford believes in the key to today’s success is to fortify and building the core values of unity, solidarity, and responsibility within the people and communities, this belief further reinforcing her activism that nothing is impossible. She devotes a significant amount of her time to the NAACP specializing in organizational development, leadership training, and youth advocacy.

Hatcher Crawford’s father Mr. Hatcher influential in the civil right movements believed in teaching his children early about being of service.   Hatcher-Crawford participated in her first protest march at the age of 5 years old with the local farmworkers.  At the age of 14 years old Hatcher-Crawford leadership activism begun when she was elected NAACP Ventura County Youth & College President.  While serving in the capacity of Ventura County Youth  President, she was elected NAACP Southern Area Youth & College President; where she represented seven Youth & College states, California, Hawaii, Alaska, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Utah. Hatcher- Crawford 

was the first female to serve in the position of NAACP Southern Area Youth & College division, she served two terms.   As NAACP Southern Area president she worked directly with the southern conference, volunteered in state-state/area conferences, branches, youth councils, and college chapters.  Where she addresses issues regarding racism and discrimination in all facets of society.  She provided guidance in lobbying efforts for the enactment and enforcement of local, state and federal laws, organized Voter registration, and Direct Action Campaigns. She assisted in effectively implementing NAACP health and education initiatives, and political action campaigns. 
In 2006, Hatcher-Crawford was elected NAACP Ventura County President serving one term,  and in 2017 was reappointed to President.  During her tenure the NAACP, membership and activists increases. Augment the organization capacity to work on issues related to youth activism, mobilizing membership and voter registration.  Hatcher-Crawford, who is constant and visible in the community, is a strong advocate, supporting educational, health, and youth initiatives.

 Over the years, she has been recognized for her work with many 
distinguished awards and accolades.   Most rectnly Hatcher-Crawford was awarded the University of California, Riverside (UCR) parent of the year and one of the proudest and most treasured award she received was the "NAACP Ventura County President Award" given to her by President John R. Hatcher III.  

Hatcher-Crawford a viable advocate has distinguished herself in the community and continue to work in the civil rights movement.  Hatcher-Crawford is a graduated of California Lutheran University (CLU), earning an dual bachelores' degree in Business Organizational Leadership (BS)/Psychology (BA).  Currently she is pursuing an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)  degree.  She is married to Kerry Sr.  and has three children.